the course of 1942, homes for children and teenagers – so called kinderheims, abbreviated heims – were formed in some buildings in Terezín. The children lived together in these boys’ and girls’ homes, about 30 children to a room, under the supervision of caretakers. The children had their meals together, went in for prohibited classes (hidden under the title “programme”) and played games together as well. Some children worked: they helped in the garden or learned a trade (carpenter, locksmith, gardener).
In many homes, self-rule was established – the children themselves were to look after tidying up, hygiene and finishing their tasks. Children in these homes also made their own magazines. The most well-known magazine was the Vedem (We Lead), issued by the boys from Home No 1. Among other well-known magazines were the Domov (Home), Rim Rim Rim, Bonaco, Hlas půdy (The Voice of the Loft), Kamarád (Friend) and Noviny (Newspaper).