Jewish Museum in Prague

On this site documents and photographs relating the persecution of Bohemian and Moravian Jews during World War II will be gradually updated. Unless otherwise mentioned, the documents are from the archive of the Jewish Museum in Prague.


Identity card labelled with letter “J” (March 1940)
Restriction of the purchase period for the Jews (from August 1940)
The police order on marking Jews with badges (September 1941)
The requirement for the Jews to surrender radio sets (September 1939)
Registration before the transport to Terezín I (from December 1941)
Registration before the transport to Terezín II (from December 1941)
List suggesting useful personal items to bring to Terezín (from Autumn 1941, ENGLISH TRANSLATION)
A transport to Terezín goes through Bohušovice (The date is not specified closer)
The ban on attending cinemas (February 1940)
The title page of A. Hitler’s book – Meinkampf (Munich, 1938)
The outline of the “Nurnberg Laws” 1 (1935)
The outline of the “Nurnberg Laws” 2 (1935)
The consequences of the “Nurnberg Laws” in practice (Germany, the second half of the 1930s)
The ban on entering children’s playgrounds (Prague, 1940)
The ban on entering restaurants (from 1940)



Districts in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (1942)
Transports from Bohemia and Moravia to Terezín (from November 1941)



In the Education and Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum in Prague, the narratives of the eyewitnesses (the children who the exhibition speaks about – M. Glas, A. Klímová, P. Werner and historian A. Franková) are for disposal in the audiovisual library. With permission, it is possible to borrow the records of the narration in DVD format, which can be an important complement to the exhibition.