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We offer these accompanying programmes to the exhibition:



A) TALKS WITH EYEWITNESSES (the children whose stories the exhibition features):
Toman Brod - „We thought that real life was awaiting us and we never, even for a while, believed that we would not live to see life, freedom.“ About a small boy, for whom the experiences from Terezín overtrumped the experiences from Auschwitz and Gross Rosen…
Pavel Werner - „In January 1945 we could hear the gunfire. Auschwitz was being liquidated. They wanted to leave us children in the camp but we were scared to stay there and pushed into the march.“ About a boy who had the nickname „Birkenau-boy“, about the death march and what came after…
Alice Klímová - „Since my birth I had been surrounded with love and I took it for granted till the moment I lost all my beloved people…“ About a girl who was saved and about the war in England and coming home where almost nobody was waiting…
Martin Glas - „Terezín was a good school of life but a little too dangerous.“ About a Jewish boy and why no one wanted to play with him, about Terezín, heims, children’s magazine and catching fleas…
Růženka Blechová - „My friends, boys and girls, were gradually disappearing so that I could not see them again. “ About a girl from a mixed marriage, a wooden hobbyhorse, a yellow star badge, secret classes and Terezín…
Eva Erbenová - „I was crying for all those who had not lived to see the end of the war, for my dad and mum and because I was the only one left. I did not have the feeling I had won … “ About a girl and her changing dreams, about Auschwitz-Birkenau, the death march and good people…

P. Štingl, About a bad dream (Eva Erbenová’s story), 2000, 50 minutes (main award of the Japan Prix Festival, 2000)
P. Štingl, The Story of Patria Shipwrecked People, 1997, 58 minutes (Fiat/IFTA Award,1998)
M. Mináč, Nicolas Winton. Strength of Humanity, 2002, 62 minutes (English subtitles) (International Emmy Award 2002 and many other awards)
Z. Dražilová, Neighbours Who Disappeared or Searching with children camera (Hartmanice, Litomyšl), 2005, 30 a 45 minutes (the documentary Children from Hartmanice was awarded the Golden Kingfisher at the film festival Finále in Plzeň in April 2006 for the best documentary of the length by 30 minutes)
O. Strusková, Pardon that we have survived, 2000, 29 minutes (the best short film award at the festival 9 gates 2000); O. Strusková, Live as happy as a lark,, butterfly, 1999, 29 minutes
Irmgard von zur Mühlen, Liberation of Auschwitz, Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, on DVD 2005, 53 minutes
T. Škrdlant, Love Your Enemies (About Přemysl Pitter), 2005, 75 minutes

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