Jewish Museum in Prague


  This exhibition comprises five sections which explore the various phases and aspects of the Nazi policy towards the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question." The individual periods are indicated by different colours. We have attempted to describe the course of the Second World War and the persecution of the Jews through the eyes of the children who lived during that time, by featuring their diaries and reminiscences.
  The large photographs on each panel help to give an idea about the life and conditions in the individual periods. The smaller photographs serve to illustrate the text.

1/ MOTTO -quotation Introduces the topic of the panel through the subjective view of a child from that time
2/ DATE - Helps specify when the events that are described in the panel took place
4/ CHILDREN'S NAME - Introduces the author of the quotation. Each child is indicated by a particular colour
5/ EXCERPTS FROM DIARIES AND NARRATIONS - Quotations from diaries that are related to the historical phase described in the panel
6/ DOCUMENTS - Reproductions of authentic period documents
8/ CAPTION - Elucidates the illustration and complements the diary texts
9/ TEXT - Contains information about the historical phase relating to the panel and places the children's diaries and reminiscences in context
10/ STATISTICS - Dates and information about the number of people affected by the events in question
11/ TIME FRAME - Covering the events that led to the persecution of Jews during the Second World War and the process of persecution through to the liberation and the return home. The events are arranged chronologically according to the topics of the individual panels

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